Jeremy Woodward

In grade school, when other children opened lemonade stands, Caroline opened a gift-wrapping stand, and would labor over combinations of paper and ribbon, and just the right bow, for family and friends.

In 7th grade, after school when other kids were up to no good, Caroline went just about every day to the Black Horse Bootery in Winchester, MA. There owner Myrna Zaffina indulged her interest in setting up combinations of shoes, sweaters, and handbags, and folding them just so for the window displays.

After graduating from RISD, Caroline set off on a period of adventure that included internships with noted fine artists Miriam Schapiro and Arthur Ganson, waitressing at a Seattle waterfront diner, restoring antique denim garments for a Japanese exporter, fronting in an all-girl rock band, building canvas biminis and dodgers for yachts, and set dressing and scenic painting on films in NYC. She finished this period of experimentation when she landed a gig as a craft stylist at Martha Stewart Living. There she honed her hand skills and learned photo styling from the best in the business.

Today, Caroline is a props stylist with 20 years experience and a reputation for resourcefulness, creativity, vision, and a professional attitude. Based in Winchester, MA, Caroline travels throughout New England and New York (and beyond) for work.