caroline Woodward Studios Inc Booking
Jeremy Woodward


Clients may reserve days in advance by emailing or calling Woodward Studios at 401-281-9663 and placing Caroline on hold for the days required. Clients may hold as many days as they need for upcoming productions. If a competing booking arises, the client placing the hold has one business day to confirm and book the days in question, or the days will be awarded to the newcomer. Holds must be booked two days prior to the hold date.


When a client confirms a booking, those days will be reserved exclusively for that client. Confirmation of booking indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Bookings cancelled within 48 hours of any confirmed date shall be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Shoot days may be postponed without penalty as much as one week, subject to schedule availability.


Expenses estimated over $500 must be covered by an advance payable at the time of booking. Expenses over $500 not advanced shall be subject to a 5% markup plus 1.5 % per month they remain unpaid beyond the shoot date.


All travel on prep days, and travel to shoot locations in excess of 60 miles from Winchester, MA charged at $.55 per mile. Van rentals and travel other than by car shall be charged to client at cost. Client shall provide lodging all nights prior to shoot days for travel times in excess of two hours.


Overtime will be paid at one and one half times the basic hourly rate for work performed in excess of nine hours.


Invoices shall indicate payment due date.


These terms shall not be varied except by advance agreement in writing.